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Flight MH370

The intriguing case of missing MH370 plane is a favourite conversation topic everywhere. A couple of weeks ago, there was huge expectation that the missing plane or its wreckage could be located in the southern Indian ocean. This is mainly … Continue reading

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Visit to Pangkor Island

We visited Pangkor Island in Malaysia, back in January 2014. Pangkor is an idyllic island that lies in the west coast of Malaysia. There is a  ferry service from the town of Lumut  in Perak state. It is a 3 hours drive … Continue reading

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China and the crisis of crisis theory

The is no shortage of China’s impending crisis or collapse propaganda from the West, for these come out  regularly like clockwork. The BBC is one the most eminent Western propaganda machines, and I wonder how many people will be fooled by the … Continue reading

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Freedom for the plutocrats

Note: A plutocrat is someone who exercises or can strongly influence exercise of power because of  his wealth. This is an pertinent article on the state of democracy, not just in the US. Money can buy anything, even government power. In US, … Continue reading

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River bridges of China

Lots of bridges have been built in the  western or poorer provinces such as  Yunnan and Guizhou in recent years.  It is part of the drive to improve the country-side infrastructure in the poorly developed regions. But such developments  go unreported in the Western … Continue reading

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