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Badminton coaching series video Lesson 1

  This is a very useful series of video being produced by CCTV for those badminton players who want to improve their skills.  This is also an excellent opportunity for me to improve on my Chinese vocabulary:    Serving : … Continue reading

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Playing badminton guide book

Found an interesting picture guide book on badminton. For those wanting to improve their badminton, this should be a good reference. However, it is in Chinese.   Click this link:  Badminton Manual    

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The Meaning of Travel  (lv3 xing3 de yi4 yi4) Singer: Cheer Chen  陈绮贞 (chen2 qi3 zhen)     Just discovered this singer and song from the CRI site. The title of this 2004  song seems interesting enough to me. Cheer … Continue reading

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At Least I still have you (zhi4 shao3 hai2 you2 ni3) Singer: Sandy Lam  林忆莲 (lin2 yi4 lian2)   Sandy is a very accomplished evergreen singer with wonderful voice control and technique.  This is one of her hit songs that first … Continue reading

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Chinese reading exercise – Dr Chan newletter April 2010

Excerpts from Dr Chan newsletter for April 2010:   前一阵子,美国国会正在大呼小叫地要立法处罚中国操控[i]人民币币值[ii]。一旦美国 政府正式指中国操控人民币汇率[iii],美国政府就会向中国入口的产品征收处罚性关税。   实际上,这是中国加入世贸机构后西方国家共同面对的问题。当时西方国家还以 为中国只懂得编制藤椅[iv]这类手工艺产品,没想到中国加入世贸后,西方国家关税一放 宽,中国产品百花齐放,应有尽有。西方国家的工厂从此一家家的关门,中国成了世 界工厂,如何挽救这个局面?唯一的方法最好找些藉口[v],推行保护主义。今日是人民 币汇率,将来会是环保要求,指中国的生产过程不环保。最近我到西班牙巴塞罗那参 加欧盟主办的国际MBA 主任会议就深深感觉到欧盟的环保要求越来越高,而是不断 地向外输出[vi],迟早欧盟的大学商学院学术认证EQIST 会要求商学院课程必须注入环保 元素[vii]。   Only lately, US Congress was screaming to have it legislated to punish China for manipulating the exchange … Continue reading

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