Alternative news

Many people do not realise that just how much bias and disinformationare are found in the mainstream Western  media.  I used to love hearing news from the BBC World Service and took it for granted that this was the most objective news source. It took me many years to realise this was far from the truth, and I have since then become wary of mainstream Western news reports. Far from being objective news as been widely acclaimed, the reports and analysis  have built-in biases that are actually propaganda  materials used to further their geo-political dominance.  Media independance or freedom is just a propaganda slogan, as in-reality  the Western media controlled by corporates interest groups, albeit in a more subtle ways than those in China and other developing countries etc.  Thus the world views that many people hold today are largely controlled by the narratives from Western media, The global news agencies are dominated by Reuters, AFP, AP , while TV news media are dominated by the likes CNN, BBC and Bloomberg news.

How does one get to know the real truths out there? Honestly, I cannot say with certainty what is the truth, as every news source has its own bias. But the issues  are usually more complicated than what have been reported in the mainstream media which has tendency to oversimply matters  and overtly biased against one side. By reading from a variety of sources, I think I have deveoped better understanding of issues involves, and  dare say gets closer to the truth.

Following is my  current list of alternative media news site:

  1.   (site with wide range of news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media.   It claims to focus on the “unspoken truth.)
  2. (excellent site for antiwar news and viewpoints)
  3.   (Foreign Policy In Focus claim to offer the most provocative and trenchant commentary and analysis on foreign affairs by tackling  critical issues getting short shrift by policymakers and in the mainstream media: military outsourcing, drone attacks, immigration, Islamophobia, terrorism, military bases, and so much more.)
  4.  (arguably most famous anti-establishment political web site that contains articles from famous Western ‘leftist dissidents’  like Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Ralph Nader, Robert Fisk etc)
  5.   (news you won’t find on CNN or Foxnews  or SMH )
  6. (alternative news media based in Kerala, India)
  7.  (China based alternative news media that focus on the world issues)

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