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Did anyone tell you   (yŏu méi yŏu rén gào su nĭ ) Singer: 陈楚生  (Chén chŭ shēng ) I must have encountered the song a number of times, but it fails to register much within me until qute recently.  The singer … Continue reading

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A Color Revolution in China? Keep It Red

The viewpoint from someone like this writer can never be found in the likes of SMH or other Australian mainstream media. As Kishore Mahbubani said, while the West may have  seemingly the most liberal media, their minds are also the most … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese series

The “Happy Chinese” series of learn Mandarin show is produced in the form of sitcom. It caters for the more advanced students. With contemporary  China real-life settings, the series adopts a number of cities as backdrops, so that learners can … Continue reading

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Give peace a chance

The Christmas spirit is in the air. My message is encompassed in the song  by the legendary  John Lennon. It is my wish and of  many people too, that  we should give peace a chance and avoid war.  WAR = anti humanity     Give … Continue reading

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The Korean war is not a game

At this point in time, the North Koreans have refused to be goaded into escalating the conflict, despite the provocative artillery firing exercises by ROK army near the disputed border. Perhaps it is a sign that the North Koreans are becoming more … Continue reading

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