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Tibet violence video

  Tibet violence video Advertisements

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Another week of turmoil in the Western financial system

Interesting article on the ‘Sick’ financial system in the West  Monday March 24, 2008 GLOBAL TRENDSBY MARTIN KHOR After the Bear Stearns collapse and takeover, rumours caused another big bank to tremble last week. As trust erodes in the financial … Continue reading

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Be careful whom you impregnate

An angry posting by WChao37 against what Britain stand for. It think this in reply to the attack by a former British minisiter in The Times, that equates Beijing Olympic like Hitler display of grandeur in 1936. The disinformation attacks … Continue reading

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Northwest — Western media bias against China (2)

Whoa ! A powerful broadside against the West. The Chinese are seething with anger against the West nowadays. Guys, Northwest’s post on Western media bias against China is important. Why did these (Western media) folks unabashedly lie about the Lhasa … Continue reading

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Do you really care for human rights in Tibet?

PD article on the sanctimonious Westerners. 08:10, March 26, 2008 A few Westerners often incline to pass themselves off as leaders of the "moral authority" but, as a matter of fact, they have harbored a very deep prejudice in their intrinsic … Continue reading

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