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Royal wedding

I used to be an Anglophile, and England was my favourite country. I grew up admiring and marvel at everything British, the monarchy – the glorious traditions, pageantry, quaint London Bobbies, textbooks, literatures, sciences, English soccer etc. I suppose such … Continue reading

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Aiyo Mama

Aiyo Mama is a popular Indonesian classic song. It has alo been made into a popular Chinese hit song of he 60s and early 70s era by a few singers. My interest in this song came from report of an interview … Continue reading

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100 years of China’s development path

The second article is from a research scholar, Han Zhu. He pointed out that China’s modernity drive is not just recent phenomena. It has been shaped by the long history, though nation building and the concept of sovereign nation started … Continue reading

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Why Chinese people rate their country higher?

  There are a few interesting articles in Chinese internet news website (China Daily and People’s Daily English versions) that I came across recently. The first one explains why the Chinese people are more supportive of their government than those … Continue reading

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Business or pleasure, Asia’s karaoke love lives on

An Interesting article about an importance of karaoke in Asia – just like many in the West love their spectators sport, many people in Asia just can’t get enough of Karaoke singings.   In Australia, talking about sports (crickets or AFL … Continue reading

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