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Obviously know the pain of lovesickness (míngmíng zhīdào xiāngsī kǔ)   By Huang An 黃安   I did not like this song at all, when first heard it. But it began to grow on me, as I become more inquisitive … Continue reading

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Making America safe for the world

Interesting and refreshing article from a Chinese writer urging US to make the world safer. I have to say I agree with points raised by the author, Yu Bin. These are the kind of articles and perspectives lacking in mainstream Wesetrn … Continue reading

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From Free Market Fundamentalism to State Capitalism

 Another article recently written by Henry Liu. He argues very convincingly that the credit crisis is not merely one of liquidity crunch, but much more extensive with wide range of implications. The source for credit crisis (not financial ) is the over valuation … Continue reading

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True story of police brutality

This was an incidence that got many people  worked up, based on the superficial facts that initially appeared in the news media.. Many were swift in condemning the incidence as a case of police brutality in China.  However, as more … Continue reading

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Religious problem in South Korea

The following is an October 14, 2008 article titled "Religious Peace Threatened in South Korea" found at the International Herald Tribune newspaper’s web site: Many South Koreans are known to be Christians though they are actually in the minority. But … Continue reading

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