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Not good for business

The story of Satyam Computer Services is hardly mentioned in much of Western publication other than in Bloomberg. This story is covered by a columnist on India affairs in the Malaysian paper, The Star. If such a scandal was to … Continue reading

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Madoff is a bit player compared to Wall Street

More comentators are asking the question whether Madoff is really that unique, or that he is just a small fish when compared to the Wall Street investment banks. Dean Calbreath writing in a San Diego Tribune, made a number of … Continue reading

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Early Suspicions About Bernard Madoff

A lot has been said about Bernard Madoff. This article is one of them.   While Madoff was deceiving clients, there were people who accused him of running Ponzi scheme. But the Securities Exchange Commision (SEC) failed to act even … Continue reading

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Wealth Creation, or a Ponzi Scheme?

I am just fascinated on how gullible are most people to have been tricked into Ponzi scheme. This article provides a good background on the topic of Ponzi scheme. Will people learnt that something that provide return that is too good … Continue reading

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Title: A Game a Dream (Yi Chang2 You2 Xi4 Yi Chang2 Meng4) Singer: 王杰 Wang Jie ( Dave Wong)   I really like Wang Jie’s songs. His distictive style, coupled with good lyrics and melodies are just fantastic. I prefer the video of his later … Continue reading

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