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Western Hypocrisies : 1

I came across this RT news about US selling billions worth of arms to Qatar,  and it happened  only a few days after  Trump denounced Qatar as a major supporter of terrorism. As we know, the US is quick to … Continue reading

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For the love of dancing

Yesterday, I watched this documentary For the love of dancing via Youtube CCTV English channel.It is not really about public square dancing, but revolves around a middle aged woman,  her attitude and how she affect people around her. I highly … Continue reading

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Propaganda, PR or Marketing ?

Interesting topic being discussed by this RT’s Watching the Hawks episode. A billion is spent yearly on Propaganda, mainly to promote US militarism.

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Is the hybrid socialist model better ?

This is my first post after a hiatus of over  a year. China, Vietnam and Laos are not exactly socialist countries anymore though they are ruled by their respective communist parties. They do not follow conventional development dictate from the West. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr Lee…

I lived in Singapore for many years, and have to admit to have developed a certain hate-love relationship with Lee Kuan Yew and his government, just like most of the people of Singapore.  For LKY was the most talked about person, and one could hear … Continue reading

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