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When the South Korean naval ship sank on March 26, most people (including K Chew) suspected that it was hit by North Korean torpedo. I have since taken a few steps backward in regards to this and have cast the … Continue reading

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Deng Xiao Ping – idea on sound political system

The recent turmoil in Thailand generated headlines and numerous discussions. A ‘liberal’ commentator in the Stars paper wrote  the following at the end of his article which I find to be specious:( King Bhumibol has dominated the last for better or … Continue reading

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Deng Xiao Ping response to an interview in 1980

I am still going over speeches and writings by Deng Xiao Ping that can be found at the People’s Daily website. I am planning to present a series of Deng’s speeches in this blog. There is a large wealth of … Continue reading

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This song is literally translated as acknowledge mistake (ren4 cuo4)by a duo from Taiwan known as Ukulele 优客李林. This song first appeared around 1991. I have to admit that I’m a recent listener to this song. Terry Lin (林志炫) was … Continue reading

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The new everlasting love (xin bu4 liao3 qing2) Singer: Wan Fang (万芳)  This is a popular song that was the theme song for a 1993 HK movie, 新不了情. It is known as C’est la vie, mon chéri in English (or … Continue reading

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