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View on corruption tolerance from international perspective

Is the corruption situation in China very bad? I have previously made a case that it is rather bad, but then when compared to that of many other developing countries it is not bad. Foremost, the situation does not lead to paralysis or … Continue reading

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On religious discrimination

When I was growing up in Malaysia, everyone was deemed to be either a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh. I was categorised as a Buddhist (even though I was never informed by my parent that I was Buddhist) . … Continue reading

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Europe’s path to a new humanism

Following is an interesting discourse by a German scholar who is presently based in Beijing.  The writer may or may not have  an overly romantic view of the Chinese culture. Anyway, my view is that no culture is perfect or better … Continue reading

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Songs from the future first lady

Peng Liyuan (彭丽媛), besides being the wife of future president of China, is a highly popular soprano singer in China. She also hold very high position in the PLA as civilian general due to her outstanding role as PLA singer.  Someone … Continue reading

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Wikileaks, Anonymous: “Media Instruments” Supportive of US-NATO Sponsored Regime Change?

Yesterday, we had a dinner in Chinatown area and we sat in the same table with an interesting couple. They had worked for the UN, in Burma, Somalia. According to them, the situations are usually more complex than what’s portrayed in the … Continue reading

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