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PRC National day celebration

There will be a grand military parade on 1st October 2009, to commemorate 60 years of the founding of PRC.  The parade is held every ten years. It will showcase precision marchings and latest weaponries from PLA.  The parade can be … Continue reading

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Ethnic Strife and China

This is a very good article written about the recent problem in Xinjiang province. Basically, China’s problems with the seperatism in Xinjiang and Tibet are linked to the Western meddling in China’s internal matter. There has a been a history of providing financial … Continue reading

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The Founding of the Republic is a big budget movie  produced to coincide with the celebration of 60th anniversary of the founding of new China. Some people characterise this as a propoganda movie. Well, what’s wrong being a propoganda, as long … Continue reading

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Lately Feeling Troubled (Zui4 Jin4 Bi3 Jiao4 Fan2)   Singers : 周华健, 李宗盛,  黄品冠 (Waikin Chou, Jonathan Lee and Victor Wong)     These trio presented a marvelous song in playful setting.  Lyrics from Jonathan Lee is just superb and funny. The MTV … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s mixed-up take on risk, return and rewards

US will be paying lip service to the financial reform. It will just not happen, as  it is not in the interest of certain quarters in US. And these are Obama backers, who can make or break him.  Last year, there was … Continue reading

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