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Quote on culture

Found this gem of a quote by someone who called himself Platypus, in Asiawind :     People who are usually the most critical of their own cultures are themselves cuturally lost and are only projecting their frustration onto their own heritage … Continue reading

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Chinese Culture – Contribution to the world

  Another article on Chinese Culture in People’s Daily and how it could contribute to human kind. I think, it will be more useful if one can define what Chinese culture is, in the first place. It could mean different things … Continue reading

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Bad news

  I remember back in my childhood days, where I would wait earnestly for a copy of the only English daily in Malaysia, called The Straits Times, to be delivered. I was any avid newspaper reader by the time I was 12, … Continue reading

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God’s delusion

Back from overseas trip recently. Mainly spend the time in south Malaysia. As it is suppose to be a working trip, I will not be writing an account my recent trip.   Just before the trip, I started to read … Continue reading

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To buy or not to buy

Will be going overseas tomorrow.  There may be a lull in blogging activity.   The stock market has become hot again, and many people are starting to make easy money from the share market again. Those who were burnt previously, are coming … Continue reading

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