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Creative Destruction, Libya in Washington’s Greater Middle East Project

Following is a well researched  article by F. William Engdahl.  IMHO, he is a very good clear headed analyst of current political events across the globe.   For those who do not believe in coincidence, it’s notable that on March 19, 2011 the Obama … Continue reading

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Prisoners of a White God

Prisoners of a White God is a rather sad documentary film on the ethnic groups (mainly the Akha people) that are found in the mountainous region of Laos and Thailand. A  Czech researcher investigated and brough to attention  the insidious activities of Christian … Continue reading

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Open letter to President Obama

This is a highly readable open letter purportedly addressed to President Obama. This letter covers lots of ground, and I do find myself agreeing with the  many points being expressed eloquently in the tongue in cheek style: mainly the  Chinese people do not need … Continue reading

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Lecture by Wang Gungwu on Chinese culture and civilisation

Professor Wang Gungwu is a scholar on Chinese and South East Asian  history.  I am still reading and rereading the two books in my possession that are written by Professor Wang ( Ideas won’t keep – the struggles for China’s future  and Bind us … Continue reading

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First, it was the NZ earthquake. Then came the  Japanese  earthquake/tsunami disaster which occupied the headlines. The impact of the killer tsunami is vividly show on the TV , where despite all the advances and preperations to combat natural disaster, … Continue reading

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