Prisoners of a White God

Prisoners of a White God is a rather sad documentary film on the ethnic groups (mainly the Akha people) that are found in the mountainous region of Laos and Thailand. A  Czech researcher investigated and brough to attention  the insidious activities of Christian fundamentalist missionaries and international development agencies in the area.

I have been to Laos not too long ago. In the country sides people are still very poor, and  friendly.  Many tribal people practice their own traditions and still  pray to the spirit of the ancestors and other spirits – animastic belief. It is these people who have yet to be converted into Buddhism that have become the main targets of people coming far from abroad who are bent on converting them. The consequences are tragic.

Poverty, naivety and lack of education made these tribal people easy prey to those wolves in sheep clothings.  Many were cheated and forced to sent away their children. When the children returned home, they could not reconcile with their parent after being brainwashed into believing that their parents worship the devils. The children became enstranged from their parents.

 A large number of the boys and girls have also become the sex slaves of the peodophiles disguised as social workers in the Christian charity community schools. Thus, the title of the documentary suggests that these people have become the “Prisoners of a White God’. I must say that I have never an admire of the works of Christian missionaries and the associated Western aid groups –   it is a form of exploitation that prey on the vulnerable. In this instance, taking the children away from parents  and convert them into ‘civilized Christian’ is just disgustingly exploitative and certaintly a gross human right violation. Where are the BBC, ABC , CNN, SMH  .. when we need them to publicise such violations ?


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