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China’s Humane Development – and India’s Tragic Path

 China and India are always mentioned n the same breathe. One reason is the enormous mass of humanity  of over a billion in both countries. India proclaims itself as the world largest democracy, and is projecting itself to the world … Continue reading

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Qinghai-Tibetan Tablelands (Qing Zang Gao Yuan)   This is a Tibetan style folk song in China. This song can only be sung by very accomplished singers. It is a very difficult song, but somehow is highly popular in China.   … Continue reading

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The Road to Heaven (Tian Lu)   A rather recent song that is dedicated to the railway line being built in Xi Zang.   There are several singers who popularise this Tibetan style song.  They are all ethnic Tibetans who … Continue reading

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China according to the Chinese

Good reading… This is one book that I really want to read. Only problem is that the book cost about  $150 ! Hmmm. maybe should make a request in the local library. … need to find out how to make such … Continue reading

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Tell the Emperor What He Wants to Hear

This satire  by Andrew Sheng is truly funny, if not for the fact that it is not  imaginary. There is a high dose of reality in it that dwelves on what’s currently happening. The current economic ‘recovery’ is plainly an attempt by some highly paid confident tricksters to fool … Continue reading

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