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  Today, is the day to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.  It is also known as Lantern Festival or Moon Festival.   Wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn ( well it is mid Spring over here). I love mooncakes, especially … Continue reading

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Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon (căi yún zhuī yuè)   This is a 1932 classic song from composer  Ren Guang.   Someone made this video for youtube:  beautiful video , beautiful woman  and  beautiful music.     站在白沙滩翘首遥望情思绵绵何日你才能回还波涛滚滚延绵无边我的相思泪已干.亲人啊亲人你可听见我轻声的呼唤门前小树已成绿荫何日相聚在堂前……明月照窗前一样的相思一样的离愁阴缺尚能复圆日复一日年复一年一海相隔难相见…亲人啊亲人我在盼盼望相见的明天鸟儿倦飞也知还盼望亲人乘归帆…music…站在白沙滩翘首遥望情思绵绵何日你才能回还波涛滚滚延绵无边我的相思泪已干..亲人啊亲人你可听见我轻声的呼唤门前小树已成绿荫何日相聚在堂前…..

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Hello world!

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Confucius – The Analects Chapter 2

The Analects (论语) 孔子 (Confucius)     为政第二 (Chapter 2) Verse 1: 子曰:为政以德,譬如北辰,居其所,而众星共之。 The Master said: “He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars … Continue reading

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Guan Ju (Crying osprey) This song is based on the Zhou dynasty era songs or poetries. 关雎  belongs to the Book of Song collection (诗经) of 305 poetries. The earliest song in the collection is said to be written over 3000 years ago. Confucius who … Continue reading

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