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On Internet Privacy: Think about it

I have many friends coming from Singapore and Malaysia who are amazed that people in Australia have no National Registration Identification or the IC card. Instead most people use the driving licence as a form of identification. This is a norm in the … Continue reading

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On the rule of law: Applied Only to the Weak and Poor

I have predicted earlier that Snowden will seek asylum in Russia. Now it appears that he has applied for temporary asylum in Russia. He has given up seeking asylum in a few Latin American countries though those countries are willing … Continue reading

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奉献 (Feng Xian) or dedication is the name of this song that is originally sang by 苏芮 (Su Rui) . Another version of this song from veteran Malaysian singer 莊學忠 (Chng Shyue Chung): 长路奉献给远方 玫瑰奉献给爱情 chănglù fèng xiàn gĕi yuăn fāng … Continue reading

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Hijacking Morales is another Obama own goal

Edward Snowden, without doubt, is the most wanted man right now. Despite what Obama had said, the US is actually trying all means to have him detained. The latest news is that a plane carrying the President of Bolivia which was … Continue reading

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A tale of two political systems by Eric Li

Shanghai venture capitalist and commentator, Eric Li  recently gave a talk for the TED lecture series.  It is a talk that will be counter-intuitive to most of the audience, but surprisingly, he received rather loud applause from them. It really take guts for him … Continue reading

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