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This is a relatively  old song sang by 王馨平 (Linda Wong) – 别问我是谁   (Dont ask who am I) :   Linda Wong in 2011 (18 years later): 郑源 Recent version by Zheng Yuan: Advertisements

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The danger of single narrative: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Most of the time, we obtain our news from a mainly Western narrative or perspective. It is  the fact that the West at large controls the world news media. Thus it is inevitable that the international news which we receive daily are from … Continue reading

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An acclaimed Apple critic made up the details

Somehow I am not really suprised that people can become famous by making  up sensational but ridiculous claims on China. Following is just typical case. But what is left unsaid is that many people in the West really believe in such outright lies by activists like … Continue reading

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Another example of Anglo media prejudice

I have already form very bad opinion of the Anglo media – there is a deep seated prejudice and irrational fear against the Chinese. Forget about journalistic integrity when it comes to the Chinese. The ‘yellow peril’ fear and hatred have not … Continue reading

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China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power

 I have been blogging for awhile. It is not because I am too busy, it is just I’m more preoccupied with other things. After watching Bubu Jingxin , I find myself spending more time on Weibo, as it has been an … Continue reading

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