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Longzhou and Daxin , in Guangxi

Longzhou (龙州) and Daxin(大新) are also interesting border towns, that are just north of Pingxiang. The strange but beautiful karst form the main landscape in the area. 探奇龙州 – Wonders of Longzhou: 美丽大新: Beautiful Daxin Advertisements

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Pingxiang and Youyiguan – border town in Guangxi

凭样 (Pingxiang) is the border town that serves as the main gateway to Vietnam from China and vice-versa. It is the more accesible border town given that it is connected to an expressway from Nanning (capital of Guangxi) and there … Continue reading

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Dongxing – a Guangxi border town

Dongxing (东兴) seems to be an interesting and charming small border town in Guangxi. It lies within the Fangchenggang (防城港) prefecture, in southern Guangxi, bordering Vietnamese city of Mong Cai. I am considering Guangxi as my next destination and perhaps … Continue reading

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This is a very well made MTV, with simple messages that most of us can relate well with. The unique singer goes by the name of 火风 (Fire wind). I have to say that I am becoming increasingly attracted with … Continue reading

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Puer Tea of Yunnan – documentary

Puer tea is from Yunnan province, particularly in Pu-er county. The tea has golden red hue and mellow earthy taste. It needs to be stored and also undergoes fermentation, in order to achieve unique mellow Pu-er taste. It is sold in different forms … Continue reading

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