Puer Tea of Yunnan – documentary

Puer tea is from Yunnan province, particularly in Pu-er county. The tea has golden red hue and mellow earthy taste. It needs to be stored and also undergoes fermentation, in order to achieve unique mellow Pu-er taste. It is sold in different forms – as normal black tea leaves, packed into tea sachets or pressed in disc shaped form. I prefer the pressed disc variety.

This CCTV9 documentary traces the beginning of tea drinking, and describe the traditional method that require more than 10 years for the slow fermentation process, and also the newer method of inducing fermentation that produce this favourite tea of mine. I am suprised that Zhuge Liang is decribed as the person who started tea drinking culture in Pu-er.

As for the health benefit, I can vouch that drinking Pu-er tea does help to keep me rather trim.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


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