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远方的家 (Yuan fang de jia)

远方的家 is one my favourite China TV series. It is travel themed documentary produced the CCTV4 , that emphasises heavily on the lives of ordinary people all across China. The latest series  revolve around the town and cities in served by major … Continue reading

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Why Asia Should Say No to Mr. Abe’s Vision of International Law for Asia

This is an excellent article by Allen of Hidden Harmony blog. It clearly sets the context of China’s claim on South China Sea issues and demolishes the China bullying claims . Instead one really need to understand  those grand standing  ideas … Continue reading

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Experts” on Iraq: Forgetting their Role in Today’s Mess

As the sole superpower, the US is currently busy facing with a few pressing issues, besides its so-called pivot to Asia.  First, is the Ukrainian crisis which has become  increasingly violent as the Ukrainian army attempts to wipe out pro-Russian … Continue reading

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So-called Tiananmen Square massacre

The ‘massacre’ incidence’ of June 4 1989 in Beijing  is without doubt a great propaganda event for the Western political elites and their mainstream media. The BBC (British Bullshitting Corporation) as usual excels in this anti-China propaganda. Many people around the world … Continue reading

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