So-called Tiananmen Square massacre

The ‘massacre’ incidence’ of June 4 1989 in Beijing  is without doubt a great propaganda event for the Western political elites and their mainstream media. The BBC (British Bullshitting Corporation) as usual excels in this anti-China propaganda.
Many people around the world have been fed with this ‘Tiananmen massacre’ narrative owing to the overwhelming dominance and sophistication of  the Western media. Even people living in non-Western countries are  considerably exposed to the Western narratives as the local media are influenced by mainstream Western media reports.

People have difficulties remembering the My Lai massacre, the killing of 3 million Vietnamese by US military during Vietnam war, the killing of a million Moro rebels in Southern Philippines by US army in the beginning of 20th century, the killing of 500,000 ethnic Chinese and leftists group by US backed Suharto government in Indonesia. More recent examples include the killing of thousands of Afghanis and Pakistanis by missiles from drones. These are not that important events for the likes of BBC it seems, as they deem it is far more important to remember the few hundred Chinese (or thousands) who died on June 4 1989.

Currently, I am reading a book: Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence which is available in Amazon. Excerpts from the book description;

The so-called Tiananmen Square “Massacre” is one of the most misleading events the US government and the Western media have used to demonize the Chinese government each and every year since 1989. There was ample silent evidence in the images produced by the Western media that told the story of a highly restrained and caring Chinese government facing a protest similar to those in the West at various stages of their economic development. However, the West and anti-communist forces had capitalized on the situation in 1989 to fuel the public’s anger, intending to overthrow a good government. How the Western media lied about a massacre given the silent evidence that suggests otherwise, and the moral implications of Western powers making use of common pain and dissatisfaction within an economic cycle of a society to justify the overthrowing of governments across the globe are issues that this book is structured to explore.

The concept of good governance, human rights and freedom is a complex one. Incidents of government crackdowns on protesters are as frequent in the West as anywhere else. The only difference is that the West has a highly sophisticated, well-funded, well-established and well-controlled media industry run by a handful of big corporations with an agenda. Without their agenda-based support, victims of government oppression in the West will hardly ever be noticed by the wider Western community and the world.

To prove such a point, I have included in my analysis the history of protest management in the US and the creative techniques used by the US authorities against the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

One should always bear in mind that the concepts of good governance, human rights and freedom can only be objectively assessed through the power of comparison. The truth can only be found through filtering the indoctrinated messages propagated by the mainstream media. It is important for one to always think for themselves, and to observe the logic and images beyond the media rhetoric.



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