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Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China

Interesting Youtube of Martin Jacques lecture on the rise of China in London. He hits the nail right on the head most of the time.   I’m not too sure what he is trying to achieve in front of the many … Continue reading

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Gold Coast visit

I have just spend a couple of days in Gold Coast. It is my fourth visit. The weather was fine over there and there was no sign of that catostrophic flood which caused havoc in many parts of Queensland. We had our … Continue reading

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Han Xin, the great general

Han Xin, the great general (韩信,大将军) is the title of historical epic drama that I have just finished watching. It is an intriguing drama series, of the rise and fall of one the most famous  general in ancient China. It covers … Continue reading

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Should Mr Obama, be brave and speak up for human rights in China?

 SMH published a Washington Post piece from a certain Yang Jianli, requesting President Obama to speak up for human rights in China during President Hu visit to Washington. Well, it is obligatory for  Mr Obama raise the human right issue with President … Continue reading

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Not all articles about China from SMH are negative

There have been too many highly negative articles been published about China by the Fairfax newspapers. One would have the impression that China will collapse tomorrow, if one were to believe in the reports by the reporters like John Garnaut, … Continue reading

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