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Doing business in China

Doing business is never easy. There are always obstacles  everywhere. When it comes to China, it is even more bewildering as the law and practices are just different from conventional Western ways. Understanding of local culture and conditions is essential, … Continue reading

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Malaysian scene from a blogger

Once a while I read blogs Malaysian political blogs to keep abreast of the situation over there. Ktemoc is a good writer, and he is funny too.    (note: Pasembur – a Malaysian Indian salad consisting of shredded cucumber, turnip, … Continue reading

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Tears bridge (lei4 qiao2) Singer:  伍佰 (Wu Bai)   Found this song while searching for another song by Wu Bai. Nice melody,  with poignant lyrics.           无心过问你的心里我的吻厌倦我的亏欠                       (yan4 juan4 = dreary ; kui qian4 = fall … Continue reading

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Biased and hypocritical nature of human rights organisations

This article basically sums up the biased and hypocritical nature of these so-called defender of the human rights. I have little doubt that these organisations are political in nature and serve to interest of their backers in the West. These organisations … Continue reading

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Rebiya, the swindler and the CIA hands

This is a good video introducing Rebiya Kadeer and involvement of the CIA to undermine China, which sadly did result in loss of around 200 lifes and many more suffered horrendous injuries.   The perpetrators and their supporters should not … Continue reading

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