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Thief crying ‘Stop thief’

Thief crying ‘Stop thief’ is good description to describe the US government actions in accusing Chinese officials as having carried out electronic espionage against US interest. Perhaps, the Chinese should invite Snowden to give a public lecture at Beida on … Continue reading

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Recent anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam

Relation between China and Vietnam has been contentious in recent times. It culminated in recent riots across Vietnam where frenzied mobs rampaged through industrial parks to destroy businesses and factories operated by foreigners, though the targets were the Chinese enterprises. … Continue reading

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Why China won’t suffer a ‘debt crisis’

The following article by John Ross is the most solid writing that I have read that refutes the so-called ‘China severe debt crisis’ being propagated by the main-stream Western news media. Inaccurate articles sometimes appear in the Western media claiming … Continue reading

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