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Imperialism and chemical weapons in Syria

An attack on Syria is not about saving humanity or the Syrian people, as claimed by the likes of Obama, Cameron, Rudd etc. It is far from that. It is about geo-political dominance: An attack on Syria is not a crusade against … Continue reading

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The obsession with war by the West seems unabated.  The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been nothing but disastrous to the majority of people living in those countries. The money being spent on war could have been better spent on humanity, to … Continue reading

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Hey Jude in the Voice of China 2013

The  second season of the Voice of China competition is currently in progress.  It is telecast by the Zhejiang Satellite TV. I would watch the latest instalment with anticipation every Saturday evening, once it has been uploaded to the YouTube. One of … Continue reading

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On the Australian general election …

The Australian political system is essentially a two party system. It’s either the Labours (ALP) or the Liberals. The next general elections will be held on September 14. This time it’s the turn of   ALP to lose, handing over power to the Liberals in the … Continue reading

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Egypt and democracy

Egypt’s Arab Spring was considered the  shortest and least costly mode for bringing  democracy in the Arab world. At one time, there were much jubilations and celebrations with the fall of Hosni Mubarak. The people in Egypt, much of the Arab world, … Continue reading

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