On the Australian general election …

The Australian political system is essentially a two party system. It’s either the Labours (ALP) or the Liberals. The next general elections will be held on September 14. This time it’s the turn of   ALP to lose, handing over power to the Liberals in the Federal election. Tony Abbot should be the next Prime Minister of Australia on 15 September 2013.

Politicians like Tony Abbot and the current PM, Kevin Rudd have failed to impressed me, and actually made me rather disgusted with current Australian politics in general. Hence, I have been looking at the possibilities of voting for alternative party.  But there is very little serious news coverage  from mainstream mass media about policy initiatives from alternative parties.

The Pirate Party of Australia came into my mind. However, I feel that it is too narrowly focussed on copyright and privacy issues. Recently, I received a DVD in my mailbox.   It was the first time that the name Clive Palmer registers in me. My first reaction was to throw it away. But I did not and ended up watching some of the contents.

I will most likely support Palmer United Party. The party policies are refreshing and makes sense to me. One of the policies is the prohibition of party members being paid for lobbying on behalf of interest groups or businesses.  I would love to see the Labour-Liberal monopoly of ruling Australia being broken in the not too distant future.

Two Clive Palmer’s media releases  that attract my attention:

Rudd and Abbott lying to Australia: Clive Palmer

The economic outlook for Australia is bleak under either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott as their poor policies and lies have robbed us of the future we deserve, says Clive Palmer, federal leader of the Palmer United Party.

“Rudd and Abbott are not interested in a better Australia, they are only interested in being elected and serving their own self-interests,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Australia’s economic outlook is miserable as a result of existing policy and it won’t change if the Liberals win government because they have nothing new to offer.

“The debates and grandstanding from these two leaders are nothing more than cliché-filled charades and Australians have every right to be fed up.

“At the Palmer United Party launch at Coolum this Sunday we will outline a solution to deliver real prosperity to this country and its people.

“Our policies to get this country moving again will be based in principle on the kind of economic management I have applied to my own successful companies.

“Rudd and Abbott have no economic experience and their answer to everything is to raise taxes and slash services.

“Australia needs someone in charge with a common-sense approach to how business works, which is what the Palmer United Party can deliver.

“My hair may not be as silky as Mr Rudd’s and my body not as toned as Mr Abbott’s but my solutions learned from the university of hard knocks will reveal that Australia, once again, can be the lucky country,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The Palmer United Party is the only party to have nominated candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the September 7 election.

Stop the class war, says Clive Palmer

Australia needed to move beyond class wars and work together in unity for the betterment of all citizens, federal leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer said.

“We need to put the idea of class wars behind us and unite the country as one,” Mr Palmer said.

“By comparison to most countries in the world, we need to appreciate how good we have it and set our sights on an even greater future.

“Our living standards are 10 times better than they were a century ago but there is still much we can do to take this country forward.

“The Palmer United Party is working to reunify the nation so that we can meet the needs and lift the spirits of everybody regardless of their backgrounds or economic fortune.

“We need to end the politics of cronyism and embark on creating a society which recognises the aspirations of all.

“My aim is to make the cake bigger so that every Australian can have a better share.

“How many times have we heard politicians say they will abolish a measure designed to restrict the freedoms and growth of our society only to modify the measure once elected and betray the people who voted for them?

“We need politicians with integrity who act in the people’s best interests, not their own.’’

The Palmer United Party is the only party to have nominated candidates in all House of Representative seats and a Senate team in each state and territory at the September 7 federal election.

Mr Palmer will also stand as a candidate for the party in the Sunshine Coast lower house seat of Fairfax.


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