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Jasmine revolution in China

There was a call for ‘Jasmine revolution’ in China to be held in Wang Fujing area in Beijing, from an overseas based Chinese site. The US ambassador  John Huntsman was present at the so-called “protest” event. Well, it turned out to … Continue reading

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Andrew Sheng article on global financial crisis

Andrew Sheng articles have always been good read – not too technical and basically jargon free. He is adroit in providing incisive views and critiques on the problems and issues of the current  global financial world.  This article  proves  no … Continue reading

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快乐汉语 – Happy Mandarin Learning TV show series

Happy Chinese ( kuài lè hàn yŭ)  is a CCTV4 Chinese sitcom series catering for the Chinese language learners. It is rather well made with good cast. It revolves around everyday life in a well to do Chinese family when an Ameriican … Continue reading

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Yangshuo – CCTV documentary

Currently there is a CCTV documentary series on Yangshuo.  Yangshuo is a small town in Guangxi province, about 70 km from Guilin. I visited the place back in December 2007 and felt really good there. The small town atmosphere, beautiful scenery, … Continue reading

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U.S. Secretly Backed the Brotherhood’s Soft-Power Strategy in Egypt

 By Yochi Shimatsu |  February 7, 2011   K Chew note: Excellent article on the Eqypt crisis. It was written before Mubarak  resignation. Provides good background reading on the US sponsored interent activists in the protest movement.   US officials are  … Continue reading

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