Yangshuo – CCTV documentary

Currently there is a CCTV documentary series on Yangshuo.  Yangshuo is a small town in Guangxi province, about 70 km from Guilin. I visited the place back in December 2007 and felt really good there. The small town atmosphere, beautiful scenery, nice rural folks and the unique West Street are what make me think of going there again.

There a few stories in this video (West Street story) , but what captivated me the most is the story about an ex-Hong Kong policeman who went there about 10 years ago. He was feeling depressed in HK, and went over to Yangshuo to destress. It ended with him setting up a restaurant. Over the course of 10 years, he has opened ten restaurants over there. The best thing is that his white hairs have dissapeared.

Video of a great Ming dynasty traveller / geographer Xu Xiake’s travel in Yangshuo. The beautiful and unique landscape  that  made Yangshuo  famous is shown here. Every hill has a name and story. It reminded me of that pleasant trip along the river,  and hearing the in the distance someone singing the famous country songs (山歌) brought famous by the classic old movie (Liu Sanjie).


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