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Parliament taken for granted

The Indian parliment should be a pillar for  the so called world largest democratic system in the world. But it is not functioning as intended and seems dysfunctional. Bills are passed with hardly any debates, while the MPs are enjoying their … Continue reading

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Story of Yang Gui Fei (楊貴妃)

I was in Xian in late last year. The name Yang Gui Fei was mentioned several times. There was even a sculpture of this legendary beauty in a royal hot spring. This story is based on the Tang Poem By … Continue reading

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Dream to Awakening  (mèng xǐng shí fēn   )   A wonderful iconic song by Sarah Chen that first appeared in 89. Love her beautiful voice and diction. Bought a Karaoke DVD  containing this song in August last year while in China. She is an incredibly … Continue reading

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Happy Niu Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR  喜迎牛年万事如意,身体健康,年年有意,步步高升,事业顺利,大吉大利,  如意吉祥   

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Say, you love me (shuō nǐ ài wǒ )   Singer: 陈淑桦, Sarah Chen (Chen Shu Hua4)    Lively song with jazzy tune. Played this song occasionally while driving. Wife like this song. Sarah Chen is certaintly a classy singer.     … Continue reading

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