The West ganged up against Russia

The recent events involving Russian and the West is being analyzed from a Chinese perspective.

  • Is the UK using the ‘crisis’ against Russian for its own gain to be reunited with her European allies after the Brexit debacle?
  • Trump using the incidence to distract investigations into his alleged Russian link?

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Trade war

Trump’s strategy will backfire, for the Chinese are well prepared.
They have understood their history well, while Trump and his advisers are just using bullying and bullshitting techniques against China.
There are times when bullying tactic can work for Trump, but not in this case against a well prepared and highly organized rival.
I expect Trump presidency to weaken considerably soon.

China’s perspective from recent CCTV program.

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An explanation of China’s constitutional amendment.

Liu Xin is the host of The Point, a CGTN current affair programme. She made a good job in debunking the bankrupt and hypocritical Western mainstream media

Getting to the Point: Don’t judge the China book by its cover

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Documentary on China technological achievements

CCTV recently produced a documentary 8 part series on China’s advance construction and manufacturing technologies ( 大国重器(第二季)》 ).

Part 1: The foundation 第一集 构筑基石

Part 2 Engines of China 第二集 发动中国

Part 3 Reaching out to the world 第三集 通达天下

Part 4 Building networks 第四集 造血通脉

Part 5 Laying the ocean 第五集 布局海洋

Part 6 Winning on the internet 第六集 赢在互联

Part 7 Pioneers ? 第七集 智造先锋

Part 8 Innovation system 第八集 创新体系

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China’s perspective documentary on 10 March 2018

Very informative documentary of Chinese’s perspective on the recent Trump’s anti-globalization actions.
This much more sense of what’s happening than all those so-called free media from the likes of BBC, CNN, ABC, SBS …

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