An explanation of China’s constitutional amendment.

Liu Xin is the host of The Point, a CGTN current affair programme. She made a good job in debunking the bankrupt and hypocritical Western mainstream media

Getting to the Point: Don’t judge the China book by its cover

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Documentary on China technological achievements

CCTV recently produced a documentary 8 part series on China’s advance construction and manufacturing technologies ( 大国重器(第二季)》 ).

Part 1: The foundation 第一集 构筑基石

Part 2 Engines of China 第二集 发动中国

Part 3 Reaching out to the world 第三集 通达天下

Part 4 Building networks 第四集 造血通脉

Part 5 Laying the ocean 第五集 布局海洋

Part 6 Winning on the internet 第六集 赢在互联

Part 7 Pioneers ? 第七集 智造先锋

Part 8 Innovation system 第八集 创新体系

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China’s perspective documentary on 10 March 2018

Very informative documentary of Chinese’s perspective on the recent Trump’s anti-globalization actions.
This much more sense of what’s happening than all those so-called free media from the likes of BBC, CNN, ABC, SBS …

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Why has the West gotten China so wrong, so often?

Zhang Weiwei explains why they got it miserably wrong.

And a commentator Shenzhou presented the following facts :

Western economists have been predicting China’s economic downfall since 1990s. Here is compiled list of what Western journalists have to say about China’s economy
1990. The Economist: China’s economy has come to a halt.
1996. The Economist: China’s economy will face hard landing.
1998. The Economist: China’s economy entering a dangerous period of sluggish growth.
1999. Bank of Canada: Likelihood of a hard landing for the Chinese economy.
2000. Chicago Tribune: China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin.
2001. Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas: A hard landing in China.
2002. Westchester University: China Anxiously Seeks A Soft Economic landing.
2003. KWR International: How to find a soft landing if China..
2004. The Economist: The great fall of China?
2005. Nouriel Roubini: The Risk of a Hard Landing in China.
2006. International Economy: Can China Achieve a Soft Landing?
2007. TIME: Is China’s Economy Overheating? Can China avoid a hard landing?
2008. Forbes: Hard Landing in China?
2009. Fortune: China’s hard landing. China must find a way to recover.
2010. Nouriel Roubini: Hard landing coming in China.
2011. Business Insider: A Chinese Hard Landing May Be Closer Than You Think.
2012. American Interest: Dismal Economic News from China: A Hard Landing.
2013. Zero Hedge: A Hard Landing in China.
2014. CNBC: A hard landing in China.
2015. Forbes: Congratulations, You got Yourself A Chinese Hard Landing….
2016. The Economist: Hard Landing looms for China.

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Video of Zhang Weiwei’s talk : Confidence in new era



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