How does Asian wisdom affect global governance?

Interesting talk on Asian wisdom involving Zhang Weiwei and Mahbubani.

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Good propaganda

There are good propaganda as well as bad propaganda. And good propaganda is actually publicity that can be used to motivate people and lead them to take care of each other and their environments.

Bad propaganda is found everywhere, especially in the Western mainstream media report on China, Russia etc. These are based on unreliable news, and even outrught lies to make their points.

Here’s a good propaganda:

Xi calls for high-quality growth through developing Yangtze River Economic Belt

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The ongoing humanitarian disaster created by the ‘protector’ of human rights

This is a documentary produced by China’s CCTV. It is a good intro for anyone interested in finding out the blatant violations against the UN human right charter by the so-called protector of human rights of the world.

Pity the Iraqis, Libyans, and Syrians.  And before that the Korean and the Vietnamese …

But then, they get away with it. …

Why? Because they claimed that they are fighting against the forces of evils, fighting for freedom and democracy.  The disasters are just collateral damages.

Since they are rich and powerful, they are immune to sanctions and retributions.


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The West ganged up against Russia

The recent events involving Russian and the West is being analyzed from a Chinese perspective.

  • Is the UK using the ‘crisis’ against Russian for its own gain to be reunited with her European allies after the Brexit debacle?
  • Trump using the incidence to distract investigations into his alleged Russian link?

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Trade war

Trump’s strategy will backfire, for the Chinese are well prepared.
They have understood their history well, while Trump and his advisers are just using bullying and bullshitting techniques against China.
There are times when bullying tactic can work for Trump, but not in this case against a well prepared and highly organized rival.
I expect Trump presidency to weaken considerably soon.

China’s perspective from recent CCTV program.

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