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The root of success

Koo is one of those self made millionaires from Malaysia that come from humble background. He did not make his money from stock market manipulations or doing Ali Baba’s businesses for Malaysia’s infamously corrupted politicians.   He made it rich … Continue reading

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Bolt donates for children in China’s quake zone

Usain Bolt is the best sprinter in the world today. His super-human feat in breaking world records effortlessly is one of the magic momments of the Beijing Olympics. His showmanship has delighted (upsetting to a few) millions of viewers world wide. He is … Continue reading

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China And Sudan: A Marriage Sealed In Oil, History

This article interest me. After visiting the Opium museum in Humen, I have little sympathy for Gordon’s demise  in Sudan.  To the Brits he might be a hero, but to the Chinese and Sudanese, he was a scoundrel and a good … Continue reading

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Typhoon Nuri

I am posting an article on Typhoon Nuri from SZ hotel.   This is the first  typhoon I encounter, and so should be the most memorable one.   When the wind blows, it feels as if you are about to fly away. … Continue reading

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Little girls – Case of blatant self-righteouness among Western media.

By now, most people who have known me, are aware that I have little regards or respect for Western mainstream media.   The Olympics opening ceremony was brilliant, and the best one todate . But in the following few days, the Western … Continue reading

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