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Song of ordinary people (fan2 ren2 ge) Singer : Jonathan Lee (李宗盛), who is a famous song writer as well.                   你我皆[1]凡人,生在人世间; 终日奔波苦,一刻不得闲; 既然不是仙,难免有杂念[2]; 你既然不是仙,难免有杂念; 道义放两旁,利字摆[3]中间. 道义放两旁,把利字摆中间.   多少男子汉,一怒[8]为红颜[4]; 多少同林鸟[9],已成分飞燕[5]; 多少同林鸟,已成了分飞燕;   人生何其短,何必苦苦恋, 爱人不见了,向谁去喊冤[6]. … Continue reading

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Country and Home   作词:王平久 作曲:金培达演唱:成龙 刘媛媛  钢琴演奏:郎朗   A recent song by Jacky Chan and Liu Yuanyuan, accompanied by lang Lang on piano. A rather patriotic song imbued with traditional Confucion ideal. A home is like a very small … Continue reading

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The Recession’s Real Winner

An interesting article from Fareed Zakaria, whose is the current of Newsweek magazine. His background as someone from India and born as a Muslim, might have made him more balanced and view matters from slightly different perspective than his other media collegues.   The last … Continue reading

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Reading Chinese exercise

Selected the following excerpts from a news report that EU would  have a president in the future (President of the United States of Europe ? ):   悬念[1]人物   根据《里斯本条约[2]》,欧盟[3]将取消[4]当前的主席国轮值机制[5],设立欧盟理事会[6] 常任[7]主席职位[8]。按照目前的规定,欧盟理事会的主席由轮值主席国领导人兼任[9],每半年轮换一次。   未来的常任主席任期两年半,可以连任,负责主持[10]欧盟会议、协调[11]欧盟内部共识并在世界其他地区代表欧盟,将成为欧盟最重要的职务,因此也被称作是“欧盟总统”。欧盟新设“欧盟总统”职位,目的是要强化[12]欧洲的国际形象,并使欧洲用“一个声音”说话。   布莱尔[13]是这一新职位的最热门[14] 候选人[15],其他候选人还包括西班牙前总理菲利普·冈萨雷斯。   [1] Xuan2  nian4 … Continue reading

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Moonlight in City (Cheng2 li3 de yue4 guang) Singer :许美静 Xu3 Mei3 Jing4 (Mavis Hee)   I like this song, and it seems easy enough to sing. Heard this song for sometime, but just don’t really know who the singer … Continue reading

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