Reading Chinese exercise

Selected the following excerpts from a news report that EU would  have a president in the future (President of the United States of Europe ? ):



根据《里斯本条约[2]》,欧盟[3]取消[4]当前的主席国轮值机制[5],设立欧盟理事会[6] 常任[7]主席职位[8]。按照目前的规定,欧盟理事会的主席由轮值主席国领导人兼任[9],每半年轮换一次。




布莱尔[13]是这一新职位的最热门[14] 候选人[15],其他候选人还包括西班牙前总理菲利普·冈萨雷斯。


[1] Xuan2  nian4 – suspense

[2] Tiao2 yue4 – treaty

[3] Ou meng2 – European Union

[4] Qu3 xiao – cancel

[5] Ji zhi4 – mechanism

[6] Li shi4 hui4 – council

[7] Chang2 ren4 – permanent position

[8] Zhi2 wei4 – position

[9] Jian ren4 – hold several jobs at once

[10] Zhu3 chi2 – take charge of

[11] Xie2 tiao2 – coordinate

[12] Qiang2 hua4 – strengthen

[13] Bu4 lai2 er3 – Blair (Tony)

[14] Re4 men2 – popular

[15] Hou4 xuan3 ren2 – candidate


Here’s the on-line  MDBG dictionary  translation:

Suspense People

According to the "Lisbon Treaty", the EU will abolish the rotating presidency of the current mechanism, the establishment of a permanent EU Council Presidency. Under current law, the European Council, chaired by the rotating presidency of the leaders of part-time, rotating every six months.

The future of the permanent presidency, two and a half, can be re-elected, who presides over the European Union to coordinate a consensus within the EU and elsewhere in the world on behalf of the European Union, will become the EU’s most important position, it has also been called "the EU president." EU’s new "EU President" post, the purpose is to strengthen Europe’s international image, and to Europe with "one voice" to speak.

Blair is the most popular of this new position candidates, other candidates include former Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez of Spain.


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