Aiyo Mama

Aiyo Mama is a popular Indonesian classic song. It has alo been made into a popular Chinese hit song of he 60s and early 70s era by a few singers. My interest in this song came from report of an interview which Premier Wen gave to Malaysian and Indonesia journalists, prior to his visit there. 

Premier Wen …

Exchanges between China and Indonesia have a time-honoured history. In recent years, relations between two countries have enjoyed rapid development. I came to know the country by the name of Indonesia when I was a child. Even when I was very young, I could hum some famous Indonesia folk songs including Baby (Butet) and Aiyo Mama. When it comes to exchanges between two countries, we can trace it back to the 4th century when the eminent monk, Fa-Hien, visited Indonesia.

When answering another question …

To answer your first question, I can still hum the tunes of Aiyo Mama and Baby (Butet). Maybe, when we have some time later, I can sing them to you.

Teresa Teng sang the Chinese version of this song. Premier Wen is not likely to have been exposed to this version during his childhood :


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