Be careful whom you impregnate

An angry posting by WChao37 against what Britain stand for. It think this in reply to the attack by a former British minisiter in The Times, that equates Beijing Olympic like Hitler display of grandeur in 1936.
The disinformation attacks against China as reflected in the reportage of the Lhasa Riots do not reflect their strength, but rather their fear — fear of the Chinese onslaught in economic terms, because they know in their hearts that their culture, which thrived on officially sanctioned piracy (in the form of their navy) and which touts power politics — could never match Chinese wits and industry in the long run under the new rules of engagement in a flat world.  

A cursory look at the artifacts in their museum will explain why.

They know they are doomed because China’s way — the peaceful way — is more potent than one touting the use of brute force.  That’s why Robert Gates, the U.S. Defense Secretary, wants his soldiers to study at China’s military academies in order to "know their enemy."

Nobody has ever successfully dislodged these Anglos from their high pedestal of power — exerting global influence with the self-assured confidence that had grown with it since the days of the Spanish Armada in 1588.  

Not the Spaniards, not the French, not the Dutch, not the Nordics, not the Germans, not the Russians, not the Ottomans, and certainly not the Arabs — could dethrone them.  They weren’t the first West European colonizers, but certainly would be the last.  They didn’t leave Hongkong in the way they left other colonies — peacefully and with "face" saved all around.  China’s subtle way of persistent negotiating from a position of strength is what they fear most.

These Anglos, together with Napoleon III’s French soldiers, burned the Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing in 1860.  The one who gave the orders to burn the priceless imperial compound was "Lord" Elgin — they had always given titles like "Sir" or "Lord" to their meanest official pirates  The pity is that we can never burn any of their stuff in return — they have nothing of their own to speak of at the London Museum.  Nearly everything except the Stone Henge had been stolen from others — Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and of course the Chinese.  

The Chinese government is trying not to give them a handle to field unnecessary complaints against us, and is unflinchingly looking straight ahead towards its own goals.  But they still constantly come up with new issues to hound us — environment, Dalai Lama, human rights, transparency, toys, anything they can grab on their way out of the focal point of history.

Through diplomacy and trade, we have already won Asia, Africa and Latin America over to our side, and we have befriended Russia at her nadir of fortune after its breakup.  We have demonstrated our goodwill with the majority of the world’s nations, and we have warned the Americans over Taidu’s danger of inciting an unwanted confrontation between us, to the point that two million of the Taiwan compatriots who had voted for Chen shui-bian in the last election had reversed their voting patterns.

Haven’t you noticed that China was the only major country which treated Russia with respect after its disintegration, reminding the Russians of their good deeds and ignoring their bad behavior?

The Anglo nations, in contrast, kept bullying Russia — in essence treating it as a defeated nation.

Their methodology is determined by the nature of Anglo culture and traditions, and they just can’t help behaving in a condescending way towards the Russians, not that they aren’t capable of treating their Slavic enemies better, but because they don’t know a better way.

So it’s the Anglos and their handful of friends versus the rest.

They want the rest of the world to think that they are "color-blind", and that they are concerned with the death toll of colored kids displaced by the war in the Darfur region, as if they truly care about the welfare of the people in their former colonies.

But reality tells a different story.

Haven’t you noticed that in the James Bond movies, which accurately reflect how the Anglos view themselves, Agent 007 sleeps with women of all colors and races, while they themselves would not hesitate in killing one of their own females — Princess Diana — as soon as they learned that she was impregnated by Dodi’s son.

The obvious question is — James Bond could sleep with all those adoring females from all corners of the world, and they tout that as evidence of their broad-mindedness, how come Dodi wasn’t allowed to impregnate Diana?

Anyone who believes that these folks aren’t hypocritical barbarians in the truest sense of the word should undergo skull trepination by a voodoo practitioner.


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