Northwest — Western media bias against China (2)

Whoa ! A powerful broadside against the West. The Chinese are seething with anger against the West nowadays.
Guys, Northwest’s post on Western media bias against China is important.

Why did these (Western media) folks unabashedly lie about the Lhasa riots in the past week while China’s leaders were busy attending to the nation’s business in Beijing?

Why were these ugly hyenas so willing to falsify and snatch something from nothing in their reports on the riot?

The basic reason is of course the cultural environment in which these journalists were raised in the West.

They weren’t receiving an education which would give them a balanced, nuanced view of the world encompassing reasonable interpretations of other peoples’ cultures and histories, and so even without prompting from their governments, they couldn’t help but submit to the urge to concoct lies before the facts were in.  

Afterall, they had learned from earlier experiences such as the incidents concerning Mattel toys and the Japanese dumplings that China-bashing is in vogue and doesn’t entail any financial or political costs as they would incur if they do the same about the Israelis.

Another reason is religion.

There is nothing amongst the three major Chinese belief systems — Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism – which teach their followers to kill or harm disbelievers.

In stark contrast, the West is composed of nations believing in a cult called Christianity, and their clergymen relentlessly push others to believe in the concepts of heaven/hell and Original sin.  

Not only do they believe in such nonsense themselves, they want to convert everyone else on earth into believers on the threat of death.  Any cursory look at the history of Christianity from the Spanish Inquisition to the enforced acculturation of American Indians and Australian aborigines will tell you that is indeed the case.

In other words, the mind-boggling dishonesty you witnessed in the Western media is only the tip of the Iceberg of Immorality whose ultimate source was their value system based on their extremely self-serving and virulent religious culture.

The most noticeable aspect of this cult other than the heaven/hell concept is its conviction that a person has Original Sin from birth and therefore needs to be baptized for redemption.

In other words, the Big Lie says that whether one goes to heaven or hell isn’t dependent on the nature of his/her deeds in this life, but on whether he/she believes that a carpenter’s son was resurrected from the dead, and that believing him will absolve one of his/her Original Sin.

This means that Westerners do not need to heed any moral teachings and can harm or kill heathen non-believers at will without having to bear a guilty conscience, because doing bad things against these heathens will not prevent them from going to Heaven.  

And even if there were guilty feelings, they could all be taken care of by a prayer or two at weekly meetings at psychiatric clinics called churches.

This multitude of humans originally amassed on the Western coast of Europe and now disseminated in plague-like fashion to the five continents through five centuries of colonialism aren’t your average friendly neighbors dropping by for a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  

Down the centuries, they have become firm believers in the validity of this cunning method in cleansing them of their guilt in repeatedly harming other humans week after week and year after year while rationalizing and  retaining a good feeling about themselves.

So for a long time in those five centuries, whenever they came to choice pieces of real estate in a foreign nation, they would only have murder and plunder in their minds.  

They will do everything in their power to seize that land from the original settlers by whatever means, and that usually means murder and plunder.  

That’s why fifty million Native Americans were slaughtered or purposefully infected with European diseases such as smallpox.  

The Chinese navy, in contrast, with its weaponry far superior to that of the Europeans while it was under the command of Admiral Zheng He in 1405-33, never did anything remotely comparable because of the moral precepts in Chinese culture emphasizing peaceful humanitarian concerns.

It’s this total lack of morality on the part of Westerners that the average Chinese people can’t understand their blatant word-action mismatch.

He or she is simply overwhelmed by the immensity of the hypocrisy underlying such behavior –.freedom of the press so often trumpeted in the West shouldn’t just be a license for slandering.  In other words, they cannot reconcile the ghastly contrast between the Westerners’ material civilization and their apparent barbarism during the Tibetan riots.

As it is, the Chinese people believe in the fundamental decency of all civilized humans as was taught by their sages, and the more credulous ones amongst them had often fallen for Western propaganda touting Democracy and Freedom.  

All of them therefore felt betrayed and totally nonplussed when confronted by the Reality of the Beast — whose number is 666.

Wei Chao, M.D.


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