Happy Chinese series

The “Happy Chinese” series of learn Mandarin show is produced in the form of sitcom. It caters for the more advanced students. With contemporary  China real-life settings, the series adopts a number of cities as backdrops, so that learners can also immerse themselves into the various famous local sights and cultures.

I am not familiar with most of the cities, except for Shenzhen and Chengdu.  It is certaintly worth watching the show, especially if you have nothing much to do during the festive period. Best is to watch it in the big TV screen. Use the HDMI cable to connect the computer (or laptop HDMI output port)  to the TV screen.

The cities are:

Kaifeng Series  (ancient Song capital in Henan) – current 

Chizhou Series (in Anhui) 10 episodes 

 Anqing Series (in Anhui) 8 episodes 

 Benxi Series (in Liaoning) 10 episodes 

 Jilin Series 13 episodes 

Changbai Mountains Series (in Liaoning) 12 episodes 

Changchun Series (in Jilin) 10 episodes 

 Shenzhen Series (in Guangzhou) 20 episodes 

 Sanya Series (in Hainan) 20 episodes  

 Chengdu Series (in Sichuan) 25 episodes 


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