Chinese reading exercise – Dr Chan newletter April 2010

Excerpts from Dr Chan newsletter for April 2010:










加欧盟主办的国际MBA 主任会议就深深感觉到欧盟的环保要求越来越高,而是不断

地向外输出[vi],迟早欧盟的大学商学院学术认证EQIST 会要求商学院课程必须注入环保



Only lately, US Congress was screaming to have it legislated to punish China for

manipulating the exchange rate of Chinese currency rmb. The moment US Government

officially accuses China of manipulating rmb, US government will impose punitive import

duties on products imported from China.


In reality this is the problem faced by the Western world since China had joined the

World Trade Organisation. At that time the West thought China was only capable of

producing handicraft items such as bamboo chairs. The West never dreamed that when they

loosened their custom duties after China had become a member of World Trade Organisation,

all kinds of ‘made in China’ products would flood the markets, causing many Western

factories to close down. China has bcome the world product manufacturer, and the West does

not know how to salvage the situation. The best way is to find some excuses to advocate trade

protectionism. RMB exhange rate is the current problem, in future it will be environment

issue, accusing China’s manufacturing processes are harming the environment. Recently I

went to Barcelona, Spain to attend the international conference of heads of MBA studies, I

could sense the EU’s requirements for environmental protection are getting more and more

stringent. Sooner or later, the authoritative academics of EU commercial colleges EQIST will

request commercial colleges to make the environment issue as part of their curriculum.


[i] Cao kong4 – manipulate

[ii] Bi4 zhi2 – currency value

[iii] Hui4 lv4 – exchange rate

[iv] Teng2 yi3 – rattan chair

[v] Jie4 kou = excuse

[vi] Shu chu – export  

[vii] Yuan2 shu4 – element


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