Badminton coaching series video Lesson 1

This is a very useful series of video being produced by CCTV for those badminton players who want to improve their skills.  This is also an excellent opportunity for me to improve on my Chinese vocabulary:
 Serving :
Frontcourt backhand:
Terms used in badminton:
smash: 杀球
backhand : 反手
back court: 后场
footwork: 步法
racket grip: 握拍
serve: 发球
stroke: 法力
forehand: 正手
conceal: 隐蔽 (yin3 bi4)
body rotation: 蹬转
coordination: 协调
hit shuttle: 击球
overhead: 头顶
wrist: 手腕
flexibility: 弹性 (tan2 xing4)
ankle: 踝关节 (huai4 guan jie2)
agility: 灵活生 (ling2 huo2 sheng)
pounce: 扑
lift the shuttle: 挑球
stretch: 舒展
toe: 脚掌

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