Flight MH370

The intriguing case of missing MH370 plane is a favourite conversation topic everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, there was huge expectation that the missing plane or its wreckage could be located in the southern Indian ocean. This is mainly due to a study conducted by the British based on satellite signals or ping from the plane. But after weeks of search by planes and ships with some of the most sophisticated equipment, there is no lead. The investigation panel is now looking at every possible angle, and it may not have travelled to southern Indian Ocean after all.

As usual, the US media of the likes of New York Times and Wall Street Journal never fail to take pot shots at China for their efforts. They made ludicrous claim, accusing China of giving false leads and hinder the search efforts. But the fact is that the false leads are everywhere, and not confined to the Chinese sides. The Malaysian ,Thais, Vietnamese, French, British,  Australian provided all kind of leads that never materialise. However, these are ignored by the anti-China US media, but somehow only China’s leads matters. They even ridiculed China’s rescue ship for not using highly sophisticated underwater search equipment. But the much publicised highly sophisticated Bluefin underwater robot used by the US navy also failed to turn up anything.

So it’s back to square one. Where could it have gone too?

Hijacked to Central Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kirghizstan .. ):
The plane will need to travel through India / Pakistan. In theory it is quite impossible for the Indians / Pakistanis not to detect a large plane flying over their airspaces. However, if the plane flies at low attitude (say below 500m)  or follow the terrain, it could remain undetected. Furthermore, someone maybe asleep while looking at the radar screen.But the Boeing 777  is not an agile military plane. Also, there are few airports in the region having runways  long enough to handle a large plane.

The plane crashed in the jungle or mountains of northern Malaysia / southern Thailand or Northern Sumatra:
If this is the case, debris will be scattered and there will be fire or smoke in the crash site. Nothing of this sort has been reported in those areas.

The plane crashed into South China Sea (between Malaysian and Vietnamese coasts) :
A mid-air explosion will cause debris to be scattered over a wide area. A crash into the sea will also cause the plane to break into parts, with some  debris floating on the sea.  The problem with this hypothesis  is that no plane debris have been found in the part of South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. The plane might have been intact if it could make a controlled ‘sea-landing’. But surely the pilots will have time to radio the emergency. Perhaps, it might have gone further east in the South China Sea?

The plane crashed in southern Indian Ocean (West of Perth):
This is the most talked or believed scenario. The plane was detected by military radar to have moved Westward and a British study suggested in flew to the southern Indian Ocean. If it ran out of fuel after travelling eight to ten hours,  then it would  tumble down into the sea. The crash should scatter debris in the vicinity, but nothing is seen or detected so far, even with most sophisticated equipment.

The plane crashed in Andaman Seas, Bay of Bengals or northern part of Indian Ocean.
This is a vast area that has not been explored or brought up by the media.

The plane landed in US military base Diego Garcia, which is located 2000km south-west of Sri Lanka:
That’s a possibility, but then US military would have detected it, unless one indulge in the far-fetched conspiracy theory of covet US military/ CIA actions.  The problem with the conspiracy theory what possible motive does the US have. Surely it will easier to stop the plane from flying and confiscate or detain whoever  they want with help of Malaysian authority.

Hence, the saga of missing MH370 still remain a baffling mystery, IMHO.



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