Visit to Pangkor Island

We visited Pangkor Island in Malaysia, back in January 2014. Pangkor is an idyllic island that lies in the west coast of Malaysia. There is a  ferry service from the town of Lumut  in Perak state. It is a 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut and another 20 minutes by ferry to the ferry terminal. 

Pangkor ferry terminal in the evening


While Pangkor is not internationally well known,  it is still popular with locals as a low cost travel destination. It is truly affordable for most people if one does not stay in the 5 -star Pangkor Laut resort. The beaches are not spectacular but good enough to attract large crowd. This is because there are various sea-activities to cater for the interest of the local crowds. A number of holiday resorts are also built near the beaches.


Pangkor Island

Pangkor island

Pangkor Island

Pangkor is truly multi-ethnic, as there are ethnic Malays as well as large number of ethnic Chinese living there. It used to be a thriving fishing island, though today tourism is the main industry in town. There a few small town and villages on the island, and a sense of Malaysian small town atmosphere prevails. Food is not a problem as there are numerous restaurants catering for the locals as well as tourists.

Hotel in town

Hotel in Pangkor

Makeshift food hawkers stall at a temple fair

Pangkor Island

Shop selling prayer items

Pangkor Island

Chinese opera show

Pangkor Island

We were informed by the boat operator that there is strong under-water current in the Straits of Malacca, which makes diving in the water dangerous. Hence there are very few spots diving/snorkelling available.  Anyway, the boatman/local guide was kind enough to bring us to a spot for snorkelling,  and we caught a few  sea cucumbers and sea urchins on the sea floor. Underwater visibility at that particular location is not really good, but we could see patches of corals on sea floor.


 Pangkor photos


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