River bridges of China

Lots of bridges have been built in the  western or poorer provinces such as  Yunnan and Guizhou in recent years.  It is part of the drive to improve the country-side infrastructure in the poorly developed regions. But such developments  go unreported in the Western mass media, as if only the ‘ghost cities’ are all that matters to describe  the current situation in China.

Last week I had a discussion with someone, who talked about China ghost cities after watching an Australia TV Four Corners documentary on China. He believed that  China will collapse under heavy  burden of bad debt. I pointed that things are not as simply as being made in Western media, for China is really huge , and the narratives in such documentaries that provide selective examples are far from being accurate. One need to understand the context and the fact that  the money are sourced internally from Chinese savings,  and overwhelmingly used to built road, bridges, tunnels, dams, power stations, buildings and factories. These are investments that will provide  both tangible and intangible returns , unlike the consumptions (particularly on subsidies, welfares and health ) and speculative financial investments  found in many countries. Somehow he remained unconvinced, for he had already made up his mind after watching the documentary.

The following are a few notable river bridges that have built in recent years or under construction:

Beipanjiang, Yunnan,

Beipanjiang, Yunnan

Balinghe , Guizhou

Balinghe , Guizhou

Siduhe, Hubei


Xianshenhe, Shanxi


Danhe, Shanxi

Danhe, Shanxi

Longqiao, Hubei (under construction)

Longqiao, Hubei

Zhungeer Yellow river bridge

Zhungeer Yellow river bridge

Wulingshan, Congqing


Azhihe , Guizhou


Tongzi, Guizhou


Maguohe, Yunnan


Zhongjian, Hubei (under construction)



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