Western Hypocrisies : 1

I came across this RT news about US selling billions worth of arms to Qatar,  and it happened  only a few days after  Trump denounced Qatar as a major supporter of terrorism.

As we know, the US is quick to brand others ( the Syrian and Iranian, for example) as supporters of terrorist organisation, but   isn’t this  blatant hypocrisy, when it is obvious that US is to provide lots of weapons  to someone it has just declared as a major terrorist supporter.  Shouldn’t US be labelled as a terrorist supporter nation too ?

Well, we know whatever the US or its allies do is gloss over by the Western mainstream media  ( or  Western ‘fake media’ as many people would call them nowadays) . But I’m not going to let it pass, for the record.

From RT: US sells $12bn worth of fighter jets to ‘terrorist funder’ Qatar


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