Goodbye Mr Lee…

I lived in Singapore for many years, and have to admit to have developed a certain hate-love relationship with Lee Kuan Yew and his government, just like most of the people of Singapore.  For LKY was the most talked about person, and one could hear lots of anecdotes about him.  Since Singapore media was a mouthpiece of the government,  one can always heard Mr Lee’s speech in TV and radio as well as in newspapers. But his speeches were always interesting  and far from dreary. He hold remarkably candid view on a number of things. Once I remember him saying his deputy as being wooden.

There is no doubt that LKY is a great statesman and I believe his legacy will have profound impact not only in Singapore, but in China too.  For LKY has shown to the Chinese people  that  a small nation having  mostly Chinese migrants from peasant  background could still achieve highly developed nation status without the ‘democrazy’ model being promoted or forced  by the West to all non-Western countries.

My regret is that I have never met or  seen Mr Lee in-person while living in Singapore for eighteen years. Anyway, RIP Mr Lee.


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