Trip to Jiuzaigou

We travelled to Jiuzaigou, Sichuan last month. The place is certainty beautiful and worth a second visit.

The tour was organised by Nexus Holidays. We started from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. It was more than 10 hours by bus. The view from the bus was interesting and scenic. One can see the houses of the Qiang and Tibetan people along the road. The road conditions have improved considerable over the years. However, the public toilets found along the roads are still not up to standard.  Overall, it was not a truly satisfying holiday due to following reasons:

  • the format of the tour where shopping activities were treated just as important as the visit to tourist attractions. I’m not against all shopping activities, but these should be treated as minor activities. Also, they should discontinue selling medical products (that comes together with foot massage)  that seemed to me like borderline fraud case. The expensive jewellery (particularly jade) stores were also tourist rip-off.  The organised tour just did not have flexibility, and  the time one gets from visit to  a main attraction is rather brief and fleeting.  Instead the organiser made sure we have more than enough time shopping.
  • there were just too many people in Jiuzaigou. We had to jostle to stand  at good scenic spots to take photos or enjoy the beauty of nature. This is no way to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Hence, I have made mind that this will be the last time in which we’ll use Nexus.

Following is a video slide of my Jiuzaigou travel:


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