HK situation: Residents are fighting back

Previously, I ‘ve mentioned that most HK residents will fight back when they find their situations unbearable. Majority of the HK people are streetwise and not as gullible as those in the Occupy Central (OC) camp. Lately, there have been reports of numerous irate residents in affected areas coming out against the OC protestors. In Mongkok, a big anti OC crowd turned up and ugly incidences were reported there. Policemen on duty had their hands full protecting the many OC youngsters from the large menacing crowd.

The opposition and the Western media obviously have different slant when reporting the incidence. According to them these anti OC crowds are thugs hired by PRC. They also alleged that the HK police were working along with the gangsters in harassing the OC protesters.

Personally, I have no doubt that a few gangsters or Triad members were involved in the fracas. It is a fact that in various part of HK (particularly in working class area like Mongkok) the Triad influence, though dwindling, is still strong. But it is also wrong to ignore the interest of the local residents(the stall owners, restaurant owners and workers, deliverymen) who are angry since their livelihoods were badly affected. Why should they sacrifice their incomes and experience inconveniences when the idealistic young OC protestors started to occupy their neighbourhood. The young protester need not pay bills (being students and mostly depending on their middle class parents), but the ordinary working class people there have pay for their rents, utilities, foods , children educational and medical expenses.

Critics and Western media also claimed excessive police actions in dispersing the OC protestors but they are now complaining that the police are not doing enough to restore order after the OC protesters were abused by the local residents. But then many important roads are blocked by the OC protesters and therefore the police could not travel fast enough to protect these protesters. Don’t forget their occupations of busy streets of HK which disrupt traffic are in fact illegal actions.

Yesterday evening, according the Oriental Daily, the Tsim Tsa Tsui area was also cleared from OC, after a showdowns between residents and handful of Occupiers. (Image form Oriental Daily).
Tsim Tsa Tsui being cleared
HONG KONG – Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok refutes the allegation that police have pampered and cooperated with the triad society to attack occupiers in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay on Friday as total fabrication.
It is a very serious, excessive allegation, he asserted, and is very unfair to police officers who have worked so hard to discharge their duties.

Executive Council Convener Lam Woon-kwong said it is hardly believable that police had colluded with the triad society. He said he would not believe such thing and it was unfair to blame police for not protecting the protesters.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Lai said the government strongly condemned violent conflicts on Friday night. Police have arrested people involved in brawls and would further investigate. Several police officers were injured. Police would enforce law and maintain public order in an impartial manner, he said.

Police deployed greater manpower to the scenes within very short time, and they separated the two sets of crowds, he said. Owing to increasing number of people there spreading several locations, it was difficult for police to take control of every location, he added.

And since there were serious road blockages, police vans could not arrive on site, forcing some officers to go to the scenes by metro train, Lai said. He also said as the scene in Mong Kok was very narrow, with police sandwiched by two groups of people, it would be very dangerous to use tear gas at that time.

As to solving the problem, Lai advised citizens not to go to Mong Kok, and those who are there should leave as quickly as possible.


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