Deng Xiaoping anniversary in 2014 – A TV drama

August 22  is the birthday of Deng Xiaoping.  This year will be his 110th anniversary.

Currently there is a TV drama that is being aired about his life from 1976 onwards.  I watched the beginning episodes, and find it intriguing.

The show starts with Deng under house arrest in days after the death of Chairman Mao. Things were really unclear then, there was gloomy cloud hang over him and the nation as he awaited his faith.  As I turned out, the Gang of Four were arrested, and Deng was ‘rehabilitated’. However he still faced considerable hurdles and pressure, in getting China moving ahead again after the disaster of the Great Cultural Revolution.

This is a big budget  TV production,  with good research , story telling  and acting from a large team of accomplished actors. The actor who plays Deng has the unmistakable Deng look, and I think he acted very well.

Deng made a number of speeches in the period. Some of his speeches are found here:

Episode 1 (Chinese subtitles only)



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